Rpg Quest Now Available!!

Rpg Quest now out on the Google Play Store !

Take a ride through lands filled with perilous dangerous, where cute innocent looking animals may not be as harmless as they seem, turn your back and they’ll show you their true colours. Clear waves of furry and cute creatures, level up, complete quests , find powerful magical gems, shop for new garments and learn powerful skills in this fully action packed rpg!.

This is no ordinary quest ... this is RPG Quest !

12 unlockable special skills to fry and explode critters

12 wickedly Gratifying achievements to earn

5+ unique lands where you can cause chaos

Untold furry creatures to slaughter for no good reason

Flying numbers - we all love em!

New Gameplay Video (Beta)

Here is the latest Gameplay video for RPG Quest !

Beta gameplay video

We got RPG Quest up and running on Android devices, the video below shows it running on a Samsung Galaxy S3.

Take a look at this short beta gameplay video!

Hopefully will be released on the Google AppStore asnd Iphone AppStore by the end of October.
Stay Tuned !

Hero skills preview (beta)

We've added some new hero skills to the game, giving lots more options on how to dispatch the fury terror that is plaguing the land. All of these skills are planned to be purchasable and can be swapped around on your skill bar to give you more choice in customising your approach to each stage. 

Crimson Blade  

Our hero dips his blade into the enemies' flesh, ripping their organs apart multiple times, thankfully they are mostly stuffed with fur. 


Start spinning and moving around hitting and slashing nearby enemies, basically windmilling everything in sight.

Dragon Fang

Sends a wave of force out towards the enemy, dealing damage to all that fall in it's path, not bad for an apprentice.

Flame Strike

Quickly Spins in a whirl of flames and steel, striking surrounding enemies; flaming swords have never looked so good.